Birbo Cat Adult Mix Dry Food 10 kg

Birbo Premium Cats Mix Meat and Fish is developed to meet the cats’ discerning palate. It is a complete and balanced food made of selected ingredients, animal and vegetal protein, enriched with the right amount of vitamins and minerals to make your adult cat healthy and with all the nutrients it needs. Birbo Cats has taurine amino acid that is essential on a cat's diet because it prevents visual and cardiovascular diseases.

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360.00 EGP

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Guaranteed Analisis
Crude Protein (min.) 280g/kg (28%)
Crude Fat (min.) 100g/kg (10%)
Crude Fiber (max.) 35g/kg (3,5%)
Ash (max.) 100g/kg (10%)
Calcium (min./max.) 10g/kg - 24g/kg (1,0% -2,4%)
Phosphorus (min./max) 8000mg/kg-16g/kg (0,8 - 1,6%)
Sodium (min.) 3000mg/kg (0,3%)
Taurine (min.) 800mg/kg
Moisture (max.) 100g/kg (10%)