Belcando Puppy For Dogs Holistic 5K

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300.00 EGP

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    For puppies of all breeds up to the age of 4 months

    For young dogs of small breeds beyond that age 

    Our quality promise

    We guarantee:

    Made in Germany

     Guaranteed from the best ingredients
     Outstanding flavour and tolerance levels
     Meat products only from animals fit for human consumption
     With extra fresh muscle meat

    We are happy to do without this:

    Animal experiments

    Soya protein

    No artificial colourings, flavourings or preservatives

    Product features

    Carefully selected raw ingredients rich in poultry, rice and egg make BELCANDO® Puppy Gravy especially well-tolerated and easily digestible. Lots of energy for healthy growth and important minerals for bone formation ensure an optimal start in life. A tasty sauce is created when the dry food is mixed with warm water, encouraging the puppy to eat solid food and making weaning easier. It's also a welcome pleasure later on!

    What is the protein source?

    Futterprotein Quelle
    Futterprotein Quelle

    Our ingredients


    Rich in rice

    Very easily digestible carbohydrate.



    Protein source with the highest biological value

    Vital components

    Pro Agil


    strengthens the immune system naturally

    Properly functioning immune system plays a key role in your dog's strength, lust for life and vitality just as it does for humans ...

    Pro Agil


    for your dog's mobility at every age

    Life consists of movement and change. Functional, flexible joints are an important prerequisite to ensuring that your four-legged friend grows up ...

    Made without:

    Ohne Weizen

    Wheat and other grains containing gluten

    without soya


    without milk products

    Milk products

    Nutritional analysis


    Fresh poultry meat (30 %); Rice (23 %); Poultry protein, low ash, dried (19 %); Maize; Fish meal from seafish (6 %); Poultry fat; Vegetable oil (palm, coconut); Egg, dried (2,5 %); Gelatine, hydrolysed (2,5 %); Brewers’ yeast, dried (2,5 %); Carob pods, dried; Dried beet pulp, desugared; Dicalcium phosphate; Poultry liver, hydrolysed; Linseed; Chia seeds; Sodium chloride; Potassium chloride

    Analytical constituents

    Protein 29,0 %; Fat content 17,0 %; Crude ash 6,5 %; Crude fibre 2,0 %; Moisture 10,0 %; Calcium 1,25 %; Phosphorus 1,0 %; Sodium 0,35 %

    Additives per kg Nutritional additives: Vitamin A 15.000 IU; Vitamin D3 1.500 IU; Vitamin E 150 mg; Copper (as copper(II)sulphate, pentahydrate) 12,5 mg; Iron (as ferrous(II)sulphate, monohydrate) 200 mg; Manganese (as manganese(II)oxide) 40 mg; Zinc (as zincoxide) 150 mg; Iodine (as calciumiodate, anhydrous) 2,0 mg; Selenium (as sodiumselenite) 0,05 mg

    Technological additives: Lecithin 2.400 mg; extracts of natural origin with high tocopherol content (= natural vitamin E) 48 mg