Belcando Adult Active For Dogs Holistic 5K

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    For dogs with higher activity levels
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    Product features

    Easily digestible poultry, the valuable omega-3 fatty acids of the flax seed and healthy carob groats, which supplies important tannins and vital substances, make BELCANDO® Adult Active a holistic food for dogs that love to exercise. The protein and fat content have been adapted to the energy requirements of active dogs and promote stamina and fitness in sports and leisure activities.

    What is the protein source?

    Futterprotein Quelle
    Futterprotein Quelle

    Our ingredients



    Rich in high-quality fatty acids. Well-known household remedy, has a positive effect on your dog's skin and coat.



    Supports the digestive system. Contains a high quantity of natural tannins and vital substances.

    Vital components

    Pro Agil


    for your dog's mobility at every age

    Life consists of movement and change. Functional, flexible joints are an important prerequisite to ensuring that your four-legged friend grows up ...

    Made without:

    without wheat


    without soya


    without milk products

    Milk products

    Nutritional analysis


    Fresh poultry meat (30 %); Maize; Poultry protein, low ash, dried (15 %); Rice; Fodder oat flour; Fish meal from seafish (5 %); Carob pods, dried (2,5 %); Grape pips expeller; Brewers’ yeast, dried; Gelatine, hydrolysed (2,5 %); Linseed (2,3 %); Poultry fat; Vegetable oil (palm, coconut); Dried beet pulp, desugared; Dicalcium phosphate; Poultry liver, hydrolysed; Sodium chloride; Potassium chloride; Herbs, dried (total: 0,2 %; Nettle leaves, Gentian root, Centaury, Chamomile, Fennel, Caraway, Mistletoe, Yarrow, Blackberry leaves); Yucca schidigera

    Analytical constituents

    Protein 25,0 %; Fat content 14,5 %; Crude ash 7,0 %; Crude fibre 3,2 %; Moisture 10,0 %; Calcium 1,3 %; Phosphorus 0,9 %; Sodium 0,3 %

    Additives per kg

    Nutritional additives: Vitamin A 13.000 IU; Vitamin D3 1.300 IU; Vitamin E 130 mg; Copper (as copper(II)sulphate, pentahydrate) 12,5 mg; Iron (as ferrous(II)sulphate, monohydrate) 200 mg; Manganese (as manganese(II)oxide) 40 mg; Zinc (as zincoxide) 150 mg; Iodine (as calciumiodate, anhydrous) 2,0 mg; Selenium (as sodiumselenite) 0,05 mg
    Technological additives: Lecithin 1.600 mg; extracts of natural origin with high tocopherol content (= natural vitamin E) 48 mg

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    Feeding recommendation

    Recommended quantity of food per animal in g/day
    Adult weight

      normal   /   active                  normal    active
    3 kg*  60 g  / 70 g           25 kg* 280 g  /    330 g
    5 kg*   80 g  / 100 g         35 kg* 360 g  /    420 g
    10 kg* 140 g / 160 g      50 kg* 470 g   /   550 g
    15 kg* 190 g  / 220 g       65 kg* 580 g /    670 g
    20 kg* 240 g  /280 g       80 kg* 670 g    / 780 g