Keke Cat Food Liggera 2 Kg

* Kekè Recipe Leggera is the food particularly recommended for the sterilized cats of all breeds that tend to gain weight.

* It is integrated with methionine as a urine acidifier, raw fiber concentrated to decrease the calories of the product and carnitine to speed up the metabolism.
* The nutritive elements are of high biological value and highly digestible.
* The croquettes with chicken and fish are crispy, crumbly, easy to chew and appetizing. Also recommended for elderly cats for the content of antioxidant elements: minerals (Zinc), Vitamin E and Vitamin C.

* nstructions for correct use:
Serve as it is. Leave a bowl of clean fresh water available for the cat.

* Recommended daily rations:
From 60 to 90 grams of product divided into several daily meals.

* Composition:
Cereals, meat and derivatives (chicken minimum 10%), vegetable protein extracts, seeds (2% whole soya seed, flax seed, minimum 1%), vegetables, by-products of vegetable origin (pure cellulose fiber 0.5%), fish and fish by-products (min 4%), oils and fats, minerals.

* Analytical components:
Crude protein: 33.0%; Raw oils and fats: 9.0%; Crude fiber: 3.5%; Crude ash: 8.0%; Methionine: 0.8%; Phosphorus: 1.0%; Sodium: 0.3%.

* Nutritional additives:
E672 Vitamin A: 20,000 IU / kg; E671 Vitamin D3: 1,000 IU / kg; E300 Vitamin C: 70 mg / kg; 3a700 Vitamin E (all-rac-alpha-tocopheryl acetate): 130 mg / kg; E2 Iodine: 0.7 mg / kg; E6 Zinc: 16.8 mg / kg; Carnitine: 70 mg / kg.

* Technological additives:

* Made in Italy.

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115.00 EGP

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