Bavaro Solid 18KG

Adult 20/8 Basic & Maintenance Feeding

BAVARO Solid provides basic nutrition for all working dogs, whether they are still “on duty” or already in their well-deserved retirement.

Pack Size 18kg

Complete feed for adult dogs.

Composition: cereals; meat and animal by-products; vegetable by-products; oils and fats; minerals.

480.00 EGP 480.0 EGP

480.00 EGP

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Complete feed for growing and adult dogs.

Composition: cereals; meat and animal by-products; oils and fats; vegetable by-products; minerals.

Protein % 20
Fat content % 8
Crude fibre % 2
Crude ash % 6.3
Calcium % 1.3
Phosphorus % 0.9
Metabolisable energy* MJ/kg 16.35
Metabolisable energy* kcal/kg 3908
Vitamin A I.U. 13000
Vitamin D3 I.U. 1300
Vitamin E mg 90
Iron (ferrous sulfate, monohydrate) mg 135
Zinc (zinc chelate of glycine, hydrate) mg 120
Manganese (manganese-(II)-oxide) mg 12
Copper (cupric chelate of glycine, hydrate) mg 16
Iodine (calcium iodate, anhydrous) mg 1.5
Selenium (sodium selenite) mg 0.2

* National Research Council (NRC) 2006