Perfecto Dog Cans 1240g

meat pieces in sauce. Complete feed for adult dogs. Without dyes, preservatives, antioxidants.
Feeding recommendation:

Weight dog daily ration
Approx. 5kg 1/3 can
Approx. 10kg 1/2 can
Approx. 20kg 1 can
Approx. 30kg 1 1/4 cans
Approx. 40kg 1 1/2 cans
This information is intended as a guideline. The individual feed quantity depends on age, race, activity and attitude. We recommend to distribute the feed to 2 meals. Always provide fresh water (room temperature). Store cool and dry. Protect from direct sunlight.

meat and animal by-products (4% poultry), cereals, vegetable by-products, minerals, sugar.

Analytical ingredients:
crude protein 7%, crude oils and fats 4%, raw ash 2%, crude fiber 0.3%, moisture 82%.

Nutritional physiological additives / kg: vitamin D3 (E671) 200 IU, vitamin E (all rac alpha-tocopherol acetate) 10 IU, zinc 10 mg, manganese 2.5 mg, copper 2 mg.

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Poultry , Beef